Covid -19 Update

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As we continue to navigate through these difficult times, we want to provide you with some
updates and information. Over the past several months, we have been faced with making
decisions that impact our clients, patients, staff and community. We have been carefully
weighing our options and are trying to make appropriate choices so we can continue providing
the level of care you and your pet(s) deserve. We are following recommendations from the
AVMA, CDC and state guidelines for operation. Remember, our exam rooms are small, and do
not really allow for proper social distancing. We will notify you when we are able to open our
hospital to clients and what protocols will be followed.

Curbside care has been a difficult transition for all of us, including our patients. We ask that you
please be patient with us and follow our guidelines. If one of our staff becomes ill, we will likely
need to close the hospital which will leave all of our patients without the care they need. We are doing
the best we can to keep appointments on time and provide the best possible care to your pets.
Please be on time for your appointment, as one late appointment throws off our entire schedule
for the remainder of the day. Please know that we have all been working long days and extra
hours to accommodate our clients and patients.

Please know that your pets are treated with the utmost care and respect in our hospital. They are
loved and comforted during their visits. The majority of our patients remain calm and relaxed
throughout their visit with us.

Please plan well in advance for routine, annual physicals. We are currently booking out
approximately 3 weeks in advance. We may call the day of your appointment to ask you to
reschedule if we have many sick patients with urgent needs. Please be considerate of this last
minute reschedule, as we know you would want us to do the same if your pet were ill. If your
pet is not feeling well, please contact the office as early in the day as possible so we can
accommodate the needs of your pet. If we are having trouble trying to fit your pet in for an
appointment, please know it is just as frustrating and stressful for us as it is for you. Please be
patient and kind with our staff.

We thank you for your confidence in our hospital and look forward to a brighter future.